We collaborate as creative partners to form unified visions and shape big ideas into tangible brands.

Our Process.

Pursuing brand truth.

Because every project is different, we meet our partners where they are and work collaboratively to understand their unique challenges and opportunities. Through open dialogue and shared exploration, we create a dynamic exchange of insights that leads to an authentic understanding of what sets a brand apart.

Listening as design.

Lending an empathetic ear and understanding specific communication needs, aspirations, and nuances informs our ability to craft solutions that seamlessly align with a brand’s vision and resonate with its audience. Maintaining clear and open channels keeps the work focused, unified and cultivates an environment for success.

Connecting brands with people.

We enjoy working with people, but the brand is our client. We craft experiences and create ways to help our partners speak fluently to hearts and minds in order to bridge the gap between a brand and its audience.

Building relationships that last.

We take pride in our reputation of creating long-term success through collaboration and partnership. These partnerships expand, adapt, and grow over time as the needs of the brand evolves.

A team of passionate individuals who combine expertise, creativity, and ingenuity to turn ideas into reality.

Chad Cheek

Chad Cheek

President/Chief Strategist
David Jones

David Jones

Strategy Director
Jesse Walker

Jesse Walker

Creative Director
Johnny Roten

Johnny Roten

Digital Producer
Lisa Kirkman

Lisa Kirkman

Manager Studio Ops
Sasha Jovanovich

Sasha Jovanovich

Digital Director
Scott Gross

Scott Gross

Account Director
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A comprehensive brand partnership with a world-class liberal arts university.

Aerial view of Wake Forest University Campus at dusk in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University is the academic home of almost 9,000 graduate and undergraduate students who focus on medicine, law, business, divinity and various other professional studies primarily in Winston-Salem, NC, with campuses in Charlotte and Washington, DC. For several years we have partnered with various departments at Wake Forest University to extend the brand experience and expression that has been established by the internal communications and brand team.

Our work has included the development of brand identities for various university departments; creation and design of various publications; promotion of special events; and development of environment signage. As brand development partners, we have been called upon to re-imagine the creative solutions to key communication needs from annual reports to event posters and department logos.

Graphic design for Wake Forest University Carpe Deacon program to develop leadership.
Brochure design for Wake Forest University's Alumni travel program.
Spot illustration for Wake Forest University's Alumni travel program.
Poster design for Wake Forest University's Title Nine office.
Poster design for the Secrest Artist series featuring touring musicians and performers in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Colorful poster and illustration for Wake Forest University's THRIVE program featuring wait chapel and falling leaves.
Environmental design on campus at Wake Forest University.
Logo design and signage for departments inside Wake Forest University.
Cover and magazine spread design for Wake Business magazine featuring collage illustration and bold typography.
A tractor tills a field at dawn.

L&M Companies

Combining craft and grit in consumer packaged produce.

Brand Identity
A film reel submerged in a river set amongst rocks and nature.

RiverRun International Film Festival

Branding an international film festival with an intent for annual renewal.

Brand Identity
Overpass with lit architectural signage for the Innovation Quarter in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Innovation Quarter

Brand creation and stewardship of an innovation district in the heart of Winston-Salem, NC

Brand Identity
Exterior of Sixhundredº featuring custom signage and wayfinding in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


Honoring history and highlighting sustainability with a sweeping culinary brand identity.

Brand Identity