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Because every project is different, we meet our partners where they are and work collaboratively to understand their unique challenges and opportunities. Through open dialogue and shared exploration, we create a dynamic exchange of insights that leads to an authentic understanding of what sets a brand apart.

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Lending an empathetic ear and understanding specific communication needs, aspirations, and nuances informs our ability to craft solutions that seamlessly align with a brand’s vision and resonate with its audience. Maintaining clear and open channels keeps the work focused, unified and cultivates an environment for success.

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We enjoy working with people, but the brand is our client. We craft experiences and create ways to help our partners speak fluently to hearts and minds in order to bridge the gap between a brand and its audience.

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We take pride in our reputation of creating long-term success through collaboration and partnership. These partnerships expand, adapt, and grow over time as the needs of the brand evolves.

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Chad Cheek

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David Jones

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Jesse Walker

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Johnny Roten

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Lisa Kirkman

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Sasha Jovanovich

Digital Director
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Scott Gross

Account Director
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Branding an international film festival with an intent for annual renewal.

A film reel submerged in a river set amongst rocks and nature.

RiverRun International Film Festival

RiverRun International Film Festival is a non-profit cultural organization in Winston-Salem, NC, dedicated to the role of cinema as a conduit of powerful ideas and diverse viewpoints. The group's mission is to foster a greater appreciation of cinema and a deeper understanding of the many people, cultures and perspectives of the world through regular interaction with great films and filmmakers through a 10-day festival which draws attendance from all over the region and the world.

We partnered with the festival to promote events from 2014-2019 as well as to re-imagine the overall brand identity for the organization. Early on we knew that we needed a solution that would allow for each year of the festival to be distinct from the last while also building equity in the overall brand concept. To that end, the RiverRun identity is minimal and adaptable and allows for annual re-theming of the festival's creative to focus on distinct concepts and executions.

This comprehensive approach led to the creation of an indelible impression on the attendees of the festival and a consistently growing attendance over the years.

Logo design for the Riverrun International Film Festival.
Black and white business card designs prominently featuring the Riverrun logo and sophisticated typography.
Banners promoting the annual Riverrun film festival.
Custom laurel and award design for an international film festival.
Film program books and badge passes for an international film festival.

For each year, we created over 150 different artifacts to support the promotion of the festival. Mediums ranged from posters and environmental graphics to badges, vouchers and merchandise. The wide variation in formats and channels meant developing annual concepts that could work across advertising, print, digital, and environmental executions.

Poster design promoting the annual riverrun International Film Festival.
Street signage featuring the branding of an international film festival.
Venue signage for badge holder's lounge at an international film festival.
Film guides for the Riverrun International Film Festival.
Poster design for film festivals.
Billboard featuring a film reel submerged in a river set amongst rocks and nature.
Branding suite of film guides, credential badges and tickets for international film festival.
Branding for a film festival featuring silhouettes and custom illustrations.
Oversized poster featuring illustrations and design for a film festival.
Window decals and custom signage promoting a film festival.
Branding suite of film guides, credential badges and tickets for international film festival.
Close-up of a collage illustration for a film festival.
ticket design for an international film festival.
Venue graphics covering a door for a film festival.
Branding suite of film guides, credential badges and tickets for international film festival.
Poster design for the Riverrun international Film Festival.
A tractor tills a field at dawn.

L&M Companies

Combining craft and grit in consumer packaged produce.

Brand Identity
Overpass with lit architectural signage for the Innovation Quarter in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Innovation Quarter

Brand creation and stewardship of an innovation district in the heart of Winston-Salem, NC

Brand Identity
Exterior of Sixhundredº featuring custom signage and wayfinding in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


Honoring history and highlighting sustainability with a sweeping culinary brand identity.

Brand Identity
Aerial view of Wake Forest University Campus at dusk in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Wake Forest University

A comprehensive brand partnership with a world-class liberal arts university.

Brand Identity
Print & Editorial